Monday, February 09, 2009

How To Style Emo Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are a great way to play around with your look. They allow you to have fun, be creative and unique. An Emo hairstyle treats your hair like a canvas; you have artistic freedom to express who you are, to show off your personal style almost like an art form.

Although there is a wide range of ways to wear an Emo hairstyle, they are often shaggy or spiky. A great sculpting gel will be a good addition to your hairstyling collection. The right hair products will allow you to mold and shape your Emo hairstyle the way you want it to go.

The gel that will be of greatest benefit to you will be one that is very strong with a long lasting hold.

Unlike many other hairstyles, with the Emo hairstyle, you do not need to own or purchase hair equipment such as curling irons or flat irons to maintain your style.

As long as you have good styling products you will be set. Gels and sprays are all that you will need to keep your Emo hairstyle looking its best. The best kind of gels make the hair actually stiff and able to spike up.

How To Style Emo Hairstyles

It is very easy to form your Emo hairstyle into spikes or a funky shag.
All that you need to do is-

List Icon Start with wet hair
List Icon Using your fingers work a generous amount of gel through your hair
List Icon Form your hair into spikes or shape your shag the way you want it
List Icon Blow-dry your hair
List Icon If making spikes, add more gel as needed
List Icon Do not brush your hair out
List Icon Spray hair well with hairspray for hold.

There is such a variety of ways that you can go about getting an Emo hairstyle.

If your hair is long or medium length, you can create an uneven look by cutting one side shorter than the other or even by pulling part of your hair up and leaving the other half down.

You could use a spray shine to add brightness, or add highlights to layers if you have them.

Although shorter Emo hairstyles are more common than long, you can still have an Emo hairstyle no matter the length of your locks.


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