Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cinta Bukan Sekadar Kosmetik

Luna is a KL girl who is quite confident with what she wants in life.

She is sure about running her little beauty salon, confident of her self-made natural source facial formulas and remains content to spend her days in the company of her dear cousin Zora, friends and loyal customers.

The only thing that she is unsure about is marrying fiancé Zyhan, a handsome and successful businessman-- yet a man who offers few surprises to her romantic notions.

Meanwhile, in a rundown part of KL…

Ezra is sure that he has found his 99.9% perfect girl in Emma - a receptionist who works in his office.

Emma, however, is keeping a secret that threatens to hinder Ezra's relationship with her.
As Fate would have it, Luna and Ezra meet and share their views on life and love.

In Salon, lovers come with their own story and secrets. We discover that the meaning of love goes deeper beneath the skin of things and what works for some, may not hold true for others. Love is certainly more than just cosmetic..

1 comment:

ChikaDior said...

tak berapa suka filem Salon ni. Sbb citer dia macam sebuah filem yg tak ada apa. Toton semata-mata.... Gol & Gincu is better laaa... =)

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