Thursday, July 22, 2010


You've seen her perform everywhere; from small coffehouses to jazz bars to DIY gigs to the stage at Anugerah Juara Lagu.

Yuna the accidental singer-songwriter from Subang Jaya, Selangor, has come a long way and is now back with a full-length album. After releasing her self-titled EP in 2008, Yuna introduces 'Decorate' a compilation of some of her favourite songs she wrote over the years, enabling her to share something more than what people knew of her from 'Dan Sebenarnya'.

Supported by her band, fans are invited to join her in this 'story-telling' session where she will be showcasing some of her earliest songs as well as new materials that she has brought back from an intensive songwriting period in L.A.

Watch Yuna as she changes her colours, as all good chameleons do, from danceable materials to darker ones and be dazzled by her performance.

Venue : Pentas 1 Duration : 23 - 24 July 2010
Category : Concert Price : RM60


Afzainizam said...

salam dihulur tanda persahabatan,
Kami DAtang Ziarah Blog Anda

fooo yohhh jauh lah beb aku dok johor bahru... aku mmg suka layan si yuna ni... dulu masa belum popular tak berapa minat tapi dah popular minat plak...

beb sorry lah beb aku lama tak ziarah ko ni agak kesibukan sikit.. apa pun gua tabik helmet tompok-tompok dengna helmet pelangi ko tu... gua dapat bayang kan kalau lu pakai helmet cam tu... kah.. kah.. kah..

Alan said...

gua pakai sekali je hahahaha

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