Monday, September 28, 2009

Dating Trends

In the past decade dating has become a national obsession with an ever-growing number of weird and wonderful ways to find true love cropping up. We give you our top 10.

The dating trend which gave attention deficient, time-starved lovers the chance to meet a multitude of potential partners in one night by setting up a series of three-minute dates.

Online dating
Why go out into the real world and meet your true love when you can do it from the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas and wearing no make up? Surf the web and find your soulmate.

Why go out into the real world and meet your true love when you can find someone else to do it for you? A ‘dating specialist’ will match eligible bachelors with eligible bachelorettes.

Not just a good place to find bands, but a good place to find a hot potential date too. Unlike with dating websites, it was free, you got to see lots of pics of the object of your desire and find out if they can write a witty comment. Bargain.

Like MySpace’s more sophisticated older brother but without all those pesky emo kids and technical glitches, Facebook offers the same benefits plus it lets you see who’s dating who and how everyone is connected.

Dinner in the dark
Tired of people judging you on your physical appearance? Got a thing about eating in public? Then Dinner in the Dark parties may be just for you. They’re held in complete darkness and served by waiters in night-vision goggles. Yum, yum.

Traffic light parties
Life would be much simpler if you knew straight up if someone was taken or not. At traffic light parties you can advertise your status up front by colour-coding your clothes. Red means ‘taken’, green is ’single’ while yellow is a bit more ambiguous.

Gallery dating
For single culture vultures, gallery dating gives you the chance to take in an exhibition while checking out any hot potential love interests.

Bring a single friend parties
The idea’s very simple - everyone has to bring a single pal of the opposite sex. That’s it! No Name badges, no time limits on how long you can talk for, plus you get the support of a buddy.

Source: Daily Mirror UK

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