Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pencarian Itik Bermula

Once in a while we like to highlight some of the fun campaigns we run on Nuffnang. One of the recent ones we’ve been doing is a campaign for a Duck Hunting Contest. For those who aren’t yet aware of the Duck Hunting contest going around, it’s not too late.

After giving out lots of prizes to successful hunters in the past 5 weeks, they’re now down to their Bonus Week, where the 5 top hunters will receive a Sony PS3!

Here are some guidelines on how you can hunt for ducks and might just walk home with a Sony PS3.1. Ducks are hidden in various blogs. To get your clue, go here.

2. Once you’ve solve the puzzle of where the ducks might be, just visit the blog and look for possible places the duck is hiding at. Example below.

3. Click on the duck and you’ll be given the codes!4. Once you obtain codes from each duck, go here to sign up your details.5. Upon that, there will be a tie-breaker puzzle which we’re keeping mum.

All you got to do after this is wait patiently for the results. You might just be the best hunter this week and win yourself a brand new Sony PS3 after all.

All the best, hunters! Emo Myspace Comments

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