Friday, September 07, 2007

Letter From Iwo Jima

Semalam aku menonton dvd. Letter From Iwo Jima. Ia mengisahkan tentang askar jepun yang bertahan di pulau iwo jima semama perang dunia ke2. Sebuah filem arahan Clint Eastwood, lakonan Ken Watanabe dan Kazunari Ninomiya.

Antara sipnosis cerita :

Private First Class Saigo, a baker conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army, and his platoon are grudgingly digging beach trenches on the island. Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi arrives to take command of the garrison, accompanied by his ADC, Lieutenant Fujita. Met by the island's naval commander, Rear Admiral Ohsugi, and the deputy army commander, Major General Hayashi, he immediately begins an inspection of the island defenses. In particular, he orders the men to stop digging trenches on the beach and begin tunnelling defenses into Mount Suribachi. Kuribayashi encounters Captain Tanida beating Saigo and his friend, Kashiwara, for their supposed disloyalty. Tanida is ordered to stop, with the reminder that a good commander uses his head more than his whip. Poor nutrition and unsanitary conditions take their toll on the garrison; many die of dysentery. Japanese troops begin using the caves as barracks. A young soldier, Superior Private Shimizu, arrives for duty on the island, replacing Kashiwara, who has died of dysentery. Saigo and his friends suspect that Shimizu is a spy sent from Kempeitai to report on "disloyal" soldiers.

The Japanese beach defenses are quickly overcome and the attack turns to the defensive positions on Mount Suribachi. Tanida dispatches Saigo to carry a message to Mount Suribachi's commander, Colonel Adachi, requesting more machine guns. Saigo overhears General Kuribayashi, speaking over radio, ordering Colonel Adachi to tell his men to retreat northward, but Adachi instead gives Saigo a note ordering Captain Tanida and his men to commit suicide. Captain Tanida obeys this order, shooting himself in the head. One by one, most of the remaining soldiers, including Nozaki, kill themselves with their own hand grenades. Saigo, however, runs away and leaves the cave with Shimizu, convincing him that it is more productive to continue the fight rather than to die.

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Anul said...

cantikla gamba tepi tu...kena pndg btol2. org btul ke lukisan...

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