Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Percuma iPad 3 Esok

We’re in the home stretch for iPad rumors, with Apple’s media event set to go for this Wednesday. Keep in mind that Apple hasn’t even said, explicitly, that this Wednesday will bring a new iPad, but with a picture of an iPad on the invitation and the company’s track record of releasing a new tablet every spring — let’s just say it’s very, very likely.

At least something is. Everything else about the third-generation iPad is up in the air, from its name to its guts.

The rumor that seems to be the closest thing to fact is the speculation that the next iPad will have a retina display, which is already present in the iPhone. What, exactly, is a retina display? According to Apple, it means that there are so many pixels on the screen that your eye can’t distinguish individual pixels. The iPhone 4S displays 326 pixels per inch. A better display on the iPad is good news for those who use the tablet to watch a lot of video.

Along with the display, a likely rumor is that Apple will put a faster chip in the iPad. Some people are split as to whether it will be a boosted dual-core A5X chip or a quad-core A6 chip, but the general consensus doesn’t seem to question that the tablet will be quicker.

Speaking of speed, Apple has yet to make a device that runs on high-speed 4G networks, one way that the company has lagged behind competitors. Analysts expect that Apple could make the next iPad the first to run on the nation’s fastest networks, though Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu pointed out that Apple will have had to make some battery improvements to avoid the 4G pitfalls that have plagued other tablets.

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