Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gila Nugget Mc'd

Ever since she was a toddler, Stacey Irvine has eaten little else but chicken nuggets and the occasional portion of chips.

Now, at the age of 17, she has been warned by doctors to change her appalling diet or die. The factory worker – who says she has never tasted fresh fruit or vegetables – had to be taken to hospital earlier this week when she collapsed after struggling to breathe.

Doctors found that her 15-year ‘chronic chicken nugget addiction’ has left her with anaemia and inflamed veins on her tongue. So deficient was her body in vitamins and nutrients that she had to be injected with them.

Stacey, who is recovering at home on a high-dose course of vitamins, has been hooked on chicken nuggets since her mother let her try them in a McDonald’s restaurant at the age of two.

‘I loved them so much they were all I would eat,’ she said. ‘I just couldn’t face even trying other foods. Mum gave up giving me anything else years ago.’

The teenager, of Castle Vale, Birmingham, admits she will occasionally vary her food intake – by eating a slice of toast for breakfast or a packet of crisps. Yet following her admission to hospital, she has conceded that the diet is having a negative impact on her health.

‘I am starting to realise this is really bad for me,’ she said. ‘My main meal is always chicken nuggets every day. McDonald’s chicken nuggets are my favourite. I share 20 with my boyfriend with chips. But I also like KFC and supermarket brands.’

A less serious consequence of her craving is that she is struggling to store all the free toys that come with the fast food meals, she added – they fill four bin bags.

Stacey’s mother, Evonne, is exasperated by her daughter’s refusal to eat a healthy and varied diet and wants her to see a specialist.

‘She’s been told in no uncertain terms that she will die if she carries on like this,’ the 39-year-old explained. But Stacey says she can’t eat anything else. It breaks my heart to see her eating those damned nuggets.

Sepanjang hidup dia cuma makan nuget je. Gila dowh perempuan ni hahahaha.


asrul rae said...

nugget paling sedap nugget ayam ramly. makan sekilo pun boleh abis aku rasa.. haha

Alan said...

ko memang kuat makan hehehehe

Afzainizam said...

aku suka nurget cuma tak leh amalkan selalu banyak kolestrol beb...

۞۞۞۞Salam Maulidur Rasul۞۞۞۞
diy pemasangan carpet dan insulflex lantai kereta

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